Scarlett's mom


“I am so impressed. Everything is personalized to the child’s interests. Lessons are so well organized and entertaining. Maria is so engaging. My daughter loves her class and is excited to learn Spanish. She has even asked if she can do more than once a week with Maria. I am so happy that we started.”

JB’s mom at Cebu International School

“Having Maria Menendez as my son’s Spanish teacher influenced even a brighter spark in my son’s strong desire to learn the language. She has so much to offer in class (…) Having been able to visit the classroom of Ms Menendez is like touring Spain and it made a child’s learning come to life . (…) she taught the kids to have a sense of social awareness that any human being (big or small, kid or adult) can make a difference and could extend help. With Maria’s guidance and inspiration, she taught the kids not just the Spanish lessons but also how to be compassionate and giving.”

Sara's mom


“Maria was my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher in her dual language Spanish immersion school and now, 3 years later we all got so excited when heard about her Spanish programs, so we signed up immediately for a week of online Spanish summer camp. My daughter enjoyed every second of it, and I really enjoyed listening to them as well. It was so much fun, interactive, engaging the whole time and she learnt a lot during only one week, not just the language itself, but about Spanish speaking countries and cultures as well! Also, she gained so much confidence in speaking the language. Through the playful and enjoyable activities, art projects, and cooking class Maria made for/with her she didn’t even realize she was actually learning and practicing.”

Ted Mockrish
Principal at Cebu International School

“Her professionalism, work ethic, focus on student learning, and ability to respond students´needs are highly commendable and a model for all of our faculty. Maria is passionate about teaching Spanish and seeks to improve her practice, resources, and classroom experience for her students at all level. She is to be commended for her dedication, continued sense of purpose and desire to grow as an educator.”

Kari Ratka
Art Teacher at Berkshire Elementary School

“I knew instantly she «got» the power of creative teaching and was the type of teacher that would go above and beyond to find new and innovative ways to make learning meaningful (…) Her soft, calm, warm disposition has her students captivated from the moments she opens her mouth to speak.”